Dear BMC Protect & Bay Medical Customer,


Bay Medical is growing and changing:

  • Our Name. BMC Protect™ is the new name for Bay Medical, which was founded in the San Francisco Bay Area over 25 years ago. We provide high quality products and the high levels of service to our customers. As we grew outside of the Bay Area, we wanted to have a name that reinforced our heritage and mission to help prevent the spread of infection through providing you with the right PPE and infection control products. BMC Protect embodies our values and mission to protect people in both healthcare and non-healthcare settings. As BMC Protect, we are still committed to providing all our customers the highest quality products and services to keep them safe.
  • Our Infection Control Expertise. We continue to build on our expertise in infection control and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) through our scientific advisory board that includes leading experts in Infectious Disease, Industrial Hygiene, and Infection Control. We combine all this to provide education and resources to help make sure we give you the right product for the right need.
  • Our Portfolio. We’re adding many products and product lines to our existing high-quality Brands: GripProtect®, GripStep®, and TENDERProtect®.


Welcome to the BMC Protect Family!

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