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GripStep® Premium Waterproof Shoe Covers (Bulk)


GripStep® Premium Shoe Covers
Waterproof, Skid Resistant,
Universal Size
Skid Resistant, Anti-skid
150/bag,x 2 bags/case, 300/case
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Protect your shoes and your workplace from dirt and debris with our general purpose GripStep® Premium Water Resistant Disposable Shoe Covers!

Easy to put on and keep on your shoes or boots to help minimize tracking dirt throughout a client’s home, office or vehicle.

The GripStep® Premium Disposable Shoe Covers offer a superior level of barrier protection for general purpose and medical/laboratory use against dirt, debris, and other contaminants.

Made of high quality polypropylene fabric and coated with anti-skid propylene help distinguish the Premium as the leading shoe covers in their class.

Engineered to endure rigorous wear, they are waterproof and slip resistant. Their seamless bottoms and walls make them non-linting, ideal for professional work environments

Very popular in for industrial and laboratory professionals. They are specifically made to fit most shoe sizes. Work boots may not fit.

They come packaged in easy to dispense, small and portable boxes that can be kept in a vehicle when working remotely or on top of work surfaces.

Used as shoe or boot covers to protect your contractor and client’s surfaces from the elements!


Why use shoe covers?

For personal or commercial use, disposable shoe covers are a cheap and affordable safeguard against dirt, debris, and the elements while doing your day to day activities.

New pair of shoes you want to keep in as much of a pristine condition as possible? Put them in a shoe cover.

Nice pair of boots or shoes that you want to keep from scuffing up while walking a client around? Wear a shoe cover.

Shoe covers are constantly in use every day around the world. From construction zones, cable installations, to realty and laboratory.

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Weight10 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 12 in

Light Purple

Sizing Range

18" (XL Size)

Packing Info

150 Covers/Bag; 2 Bags/Case