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Optimus Pro ORANGE & BLACK Nitrile Exam Gloves


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Uniseal® Optimus Pro Gloves are 8 mil thick and manufactured with advanced nitrile colored technology. This glove is designed with diamond textured surface for easy and secured grabbing with exceptional strength and durability. These gloves are very comfortable, puncture-resistant, latex free and powder-free. Every Uniseal® Optimus Pro Gloves are dated with Lot Codes for quality assurance and tractability.

8 mil thickness
12 inch cuff
Twice dipped gloves with dual colors assist in pin-pointing of glove has been compromised
Advance Nitrile Technology
More puncture-resistant
PH Balanced
Better abrasion properties
Exceptional strength, durability + tactility

100 gloves/box for S, M, L, 10 Boxes/Case
90 gloves/box for XL, 10 Boxes/Case

Weight22 lbs
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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large

Product type

Medical (Exam), Nitrile


High Risk, Raised large diamond


8 mil


Box, Case