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Should you use Adult Diapers or Adult Pull-ups?

The biggest difference between the two are the side panels. Diapers or Briefs have tab closures that can be opened and re-closed. Pull-ups or Underwear are worn similar to regular under but with tearable side panels for easy removal. Once torn, a pull-up (underwear) cannot be reused.

With that in mind, it also depends on who is doing the changing. For active users or users with more mobility or independence, pull-ups tend to be the more popular selection. It allows the user to be more self-reliant and provide more dignity. For users who rely on a caregiver or family member for changing, Diapers (Briefs) are more popular due to it being easier to manage around changing time.

Which absorbency level should I choose?

It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer due to materials used, but each of them provide an absorbency guide. Please refer to them while making your purchase to best fit your needs.

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